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Waived service call fees when you place an order

Experienced and insured technicians

Installation of OEM parts

Warranty for parts and labor

Reliable and prompt service

Commitment to customer satisfaction

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Susan, Scarborough

I called for help because my dryer was making a terrible loud noise while turning. It is working perfectly now after Dmytro carefully repaired and cleaned the whole machine. He arrived promptly, worked quickly and everything was cleaned up when he was finished. I would recommend this company. Thanks!

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Ah, the classic dilemma: should you repair or replace your appliance? Here’s a handy tip: the 50/50 rule. If the repair costs less than 50% of a new appliance and it's less than halfway through its expected lifespan, go ahead and repair it.

Think of your refrigerator as an old friend—if it’s just a minor glitch, a quick fix might be all it needs. But if it’s acting like a money pit, it might be time to upgrade. That’s where we come in! Our company can help diagnose your appliance issues and we’ll be honest with you about whether it’s worth repairing or if it’s time to move on. Because, in the end, saving you money (and headaches) is what we do best.

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